Drama Banquet 2019

Special Recognition & Awards

Special Recognition Recipients (Students Earning 15-29 Lettering Points)

  • Melanie Heintzleman

  • JR Rolow

  • Alina Silwal

Drama Letter Recipients (Students Earning 30 - 49 Lettering Points)

  • Sammi Best

  • Katie Carr

  • Elena Downs

  • Jillian Pickle Jensen

  • River Wise

  • Owen Yoder

Drama Letter With Distinction Recipients (Students Earning 50+ Lettering Points)

  • Nixson Benitez

  • Marquis Bundy

  • DJ Gochett

  • Caitlyn Porter

Newly Initiated Thespians (Students That Have Earned 40+ Thespian Points)

Troupe 4752 Would Like to Welcome and Honor the Following Members:

  • Sammi Best

  • Nate Brown

  • Tris Hoing

  • Abby Moyer

  • JR Rolow

  • River Wise

Honorary Thespians

  • Julie Basher Pickle

  • Tera Yoder


Dudley Awards

(The Lighter side of the drama banquet)

Most Likely to Make Williams Yell "Y'all"

  • Theatre 3/4

Most likely to Be Reminded What They're Doing Backstage

  • Logan Leech

Most Likely to Make a Mess Onstage

  • Jillian Pickle Jensen

Best Looking with Pie on Their Face

  • Mr. White

Most Likely to Be in the Drama Room

  • Nixson Benitez

Most Likely to Be Stressed During Tech Week

  • Zach Anderson

Most Likely to Be on SNL in 10 Years

  • Dawson Stanley

Best Stage Relationship

  • Ugly (River Wise) and Penny (Samantha Miller)

Most Likely to Throw a Chair

  • DJ Gochett

Best Stage Fall

  • Marquis Bundy

Theatre "Mom"s

  • Sammi Best & Caitlyn Porter

Theatre "Dad"

  • DJ Gochett

Most Likely to Lose Their Rehearsal Schedule

  • Chris Schwers

Most Likely to Leave Their Stuff Lying Around

  • The Ducklings from HONK!

Most Likely to Push Back on Your Thinking

  • River Wise

Most Support News Team that Participated in #pies4patients

  • WHO TV (Channel 13)

Craziest Costume

  • Pickles the clown (Jillian Pickle Jensen)

Formal Awards

Bravo Award

This award is bestowed upon a Lincoln High Theatre Arts supporter who has given their time and talents to the Theatre Arts Department. Lincoln Theatre Arts is proud to honor the following Bravo Award 2018-2019 Recipients:

  • Brandon Kair

  • Jessica and Phil Porter

  • Dakota Sommer

  • Debra Wise

Rising Star Award

This award goes to freshmen actors and/or technicians who jumped into the theatre arts family at Lincoln with both feet! Lincoln Theatre Arts is proud to present the 2018-2019 Rising Star Award to:

  • Melanie Heintlzeman

  • Elizabeth Willey

The Tyler Leech Award

Named after a former LHS Theatre member that demonstrated great enthusiasm for theatre, this award is given to a senior Thespian who demonstrates great dedication and passion for Lincoln Theatre Arts. Lincoln Theatre Arts is proud to present the 2018-2019 Tyler Leech Award to:

  • Nixson Benitez

The Standing Ovation Award

The Standing Ovation Award is given to a senior that has made outstanding contributions to the theatre arts department over an extended period of time. Recipients have used their passion for theatre to make a lasting impression upon Lincoln Theatre Arts. Lincoln Theatre Arts is proud to present the 2018-2019 Standing Ovation Award to:

  • June Perry