Breakdown of Thespian Points

Lincoln High School Drama Lettering System

If you do not attend strike (with unexcused absence) for your production, you will not be given lettering points for your role. We will treat that as "dropping out" of the show before your commitment was done.

Performance in a Play or Musical

Points awarded once per your highest level of involvement in the cast

Lead Role - 7 points

Supporting Role - 5 points

Ensemble Role - 3 Points

Thespis Award - 2 Points

Understudy - 1 point

Production Team for a Play or Musical

Points awarded once per your highest level of involvement in the cast

Head Designer/SM/Assistant Director or Vocal Director - 7 Points

Assistant Designer/Crew Head/Board Op - 5 points

Crew Member - 3 points

Pit - 3 points

Tech Work Day/Strike Only - 1 point

Talent Show

Points awarded for Talent Show participation; awarded at highest level of involvement for each cast (actor) and crew (producer, director, crew)

Student Director - 5 Points

Stage Manager/MC - 4 Points

Cast - 3 points

Board Op/Technical Director - 3 points

Crew - 1 point

Usher - 1 point

IHSSA Contest - Performance, Technician, Student Director

Points awarded per your highest level of involvement in each of up to four categories as a performer and up to two additional categories as a student director

All-State - 10 points

State, I Overall Rating - 7 points

State, II Overall Rating - 5 points

Districts - 3 points

Thespian Society

Thespian Officer - 7 points

1st/2nd/3rd Place in Event at Iowa Thespian Festival - 5 points

Entry in Event (doesn't place) at Iowa Thespian Festival - 3 points

College Audition - 3 points

Attendance Only at Iowa Thespian Festival - 1 point

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

LG All-State Spectator - 1 point

IE All-State Spectator - 1 point

Spectator/Participant in Non-LHS Performance - 1 point (maximum of 3 points)

Haunted House Participant - 1 point per night (maximum of 5 points)

Beaverdale Fall Festival Parade Walker - 2 Points

Battle Acts Participant - 1 point

LETTER - 30+ Points in One Year

LETTER WITH DISTINCTION - 50+ Points in One Year

THESPIAN - 40+ Points Over a Career

Mr. Williams and Ms. McTaggart will review point totals and may reward lettering points for extra opportunities not designated here at our own discretion. They also reserve the right to award character points to encouraging, collaborative, and dependable participants.

To Download a Lettering Form Click Here