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Thespian Troupe 4752!

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Meet Your 2019-2020 Thespian Board

Yo dawg I’m Sammi Best, a Junior this year, ready to be a thespian on the board. I’m here to talk, walk, and other things, I promise. Stay frosty, fellas!

Sammi Best

Marquis Bundy is an LHS junior and has been involved with theatre almost his whole life. He enjoys singing, dancing, acting, graphic design and being around his friends.

Marquis Bundy

Wassup I’m DJ! I’ve been entertaining people my whole life. Speaking in front of people is my passion. Whether it’s participating in Lincoln drama through Shows and productions or speaking at national conferences and preaching at my church starting at the age of seven. I can’t explain my passion for theater and I love all the things that are theatre. I’m honored to be serving in the Thespian Board for a second year and help build the Lincoln High School drama department. Let’s have fun “ON MY GRANDKIDS”

DJ Gochett

Hey! I’m Caitlyn Porter and I’m a senior at Lincoln this year. I’ve been performing my whole life, and I’m so excited to be a part of the thespian board this year.

Caitlyn Porter

Hey I’m Owen, I’m in love with the stage, literally and metaphorically. I’m a senior this year and I can’t wait to work my butt off this year! I’m excited for what this year has in store for us all in the theatre department! My favorite color is blue and I love to sing, dance, and talk! Strike up a conversation and follow me on Instagram @enow_deory

Owen Yoder